Business Process Management

Business Process Management creates, optimizes, catalogs and maintains business processes. A company that implements BPM understands the importance of promoting the understanding of specific processes to key users. It is seen as a key strategic component of a business. The  development of business processes is a collaborative process in itself, and goes far beyond the mapping of a diagram. It requires special skills to guide a team to the optimized business process.

Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) is the open standard for Business Process Management modelling. Unlike Visio and similar diagrammatic tools, BPMN diagrams can drive a process orchestration engine such as a BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) engine to control the flow and execution of a business process. Used in conjunction with Service Oriented Architecture, the process can be loosely coupled to an application layer, facilitating a business process agnostic the the final application layer. This is a vision that has yet to play out. So far we have SaaS which parallels the “Time Sharing” model of the 60’s thru the 80’s. Computer and Software time used is billed to the user.

We at High Desert Information Technologies, believe that a company that strategically adopts BPMN establishes a platform for future initiatives that as yet are not definable – beyond the obvious use of defining a suite of business processes.

Please consider us if you plan to, or have, a Business Process Management initiative in your organization.